SAP HANA CDS查看模糊搜索无效

SAP HANA CDS View Fuzzy Search not working

I have a hdbdd defined as such, but the fuzzy search i tried using the fuzzy search query as below and it doesn't works. Only maps to full text like Singapore.$format=json&search=singaporw

namespace xxx;
@Schema : 'XXX'

context fuzzysearch {

    @Catalog.tableType : #COLUMN
    entity ADDRESS {
        key id  : Integer;
        street  : String(80);
        zipCode : Integer;
        city    : String(80);

        @SearchIndex.text.enabled   : true
        @SearchIndex.fuzzy.enabled  : true
        country : String(80);


    @Search.searchable: true  
    define view V_ADDRESS as select from ADDRESS as ADDRESS {  
        @EnterpriseSearch.key : true ,  

        @Search.defaultSearchElement: true  
        @Search.ranking: #HIGH  
        @Search.fuzzinessThreshold : 0.7