TabbedViewNavigator in mobile application

I have a Mobile Application and trying to set a Master View that includes TabbedViewNavigator. This navigator includes two of ViewNavigator items those are Login and Settings.

Here is the main issue that I want to remove this navigator when the page is navigated to a third view(e.g Login navigated me to Home view).I just want to use navigator in a simple View, not both views of application.

I created an instance of MasterView and tried to navigator.enabled=false in Login view but, this returns null instance of navigator

Is there any solution to remove this navigator in some spark Views? Do I have to use in both views ?

Any spark View has tabBarVisible property , and set tabBarVisible = false; simply.

Also use the TabbedViewNavigator.hideTabBar() and TabbedViewNavigator.showTabBar() methods to control the visibility.