ASP .Net MVC / WebApi与Angular 4/5 Visual Studio模板

ASP .Net MVC/WebApi with Angular 4/5 Visual Studio Template

I'm using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and looking for an Angular with Web Api 2.0 (or MVC with Web Api) Template but not able to find one. When I try to google I get only links to Asp .Net Core related topics, no mention of identical template for older versions of ASP .Net. By older I mean any other than Core.

enter image description here

When I try to change the version of .Net to .Net Framework I still see only .Net Core templates: enter image description here

Only available ASP .Net versions are Core. There exists a template for single page application but it does not create an angular application: enter image description here

If to look online, there is a template for Angular2 though: enter image description here


  • It is not an official microsoft template
  • I will need to upgrade the Angular version
  • It has no generated api controllers with authorization
  • No OWIN support
  • No file nesting for component files in solution explorer
  • All links to documentation or git hub are broken and response with 404

It's a nice and in some cases usefull template but still a lot of thing that would be nice to have in a template I will need to do manually, basically from scratch. Does there exist some powerful and rich template for Angular5 and Web Api 2.0 like there is for .NET Core?