rake db:create在Ubuntu中不起作用

rake db:create is not working in Ubuntu

I am currently tring to run the rake db:create command on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.01 but I am getting the error below.

Your bundle is locked to activesupport (, but that version could not be found in any of the sources listed in your Gemfile. If you haven't changed sources, that means the author of activesupport ( has removed it. You'll need to update your bundle to a different version of activesupport ( that hasn't been removed in order to install.

I have tried running the command below to try to get the new version of active support but it is still not working..

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ruby-activesupport

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

sudo apt-get update has nothing to do with ruby gems.

From the error, it seems like your Gemfile.lock has the version of ActiveSupport, but it isn't declared in your Gemfile.

Can you try to add gem activesupport in your Gemfile, and then run bundle install from within the project folder? This should solve your problem.

Thanks for the answer! Pretty sure it should work, but having another new problem instead in installing the mysql2 gem in my gemfile. Obviously this problem is off-topic so I would look for the answer to that somewhere else. Thanks!