Safari opens download dialog box for SVG instead displaying the image

I've been trying to solve that problem since yesterday with no success. I could be missing something simple however I can't see it.

The problem I have is that Safari on Windows instead of rendering a svg image it opens a download dialog box. The website is hosted on IIS 7. I have set the MIME in the web.config as below.

<mimeMap fileExtension=".svg" mimeType="image/svg+xml svg"/>

And embedded the image as following:

<div style="width:128px; height:128px;background:grey;">
    <object height="100%" width="100%" 
        data="/images/l-tree01.svg"  type="image/svg+xml">

The path to the image is correct, the image renders well on the Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Eventually have solve the problem by examining response HEADERS of properly embedded image on another site. The issue was that the MIME I've declared was Content-Type: image/svg+xml svg instead of Content-Type: image/svg+xml.